About Us

Helping One More Entrepreneur (H.O.M.E) is an orgnization dedicated to helping job creators reap the rewards of their investment of time and money. Our goal is to provide practive business solutions designed for growth. Together we will develop a realistic view of your strengths, weaknesses, opprotunities and threats to your business and help you set achievable goals that will make your business a success.

H.O.M.E. was founded as Healthcare Operations Management Enterprises by Joseph F. Richichi in 2011. After years working in the healthcare industry, he created a company that provides proactive business management solutions for the modern medical practice. As the healthcare industry became more commercialized, Joe decided to widen our focus to fellow job creators.

We pride ourselves in the support provided AFTER the contract is signed!

Virtually under one roof, H.O.M.E. offers wide ranging services; from business development, financial services to document management and graphic design. Depend on the H.O.M.E. team to remove the stress if the business operation so you can concentrate on your customers.

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